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Destination Spiš

Destination Spiš - Spiš Jerusalem

KatedrálaSpiš Jerusalem, under this name conceals the unique Slovak phenomenon, such as the religioncountry on Pažici, including Spišská Kapitula and Sivá Brada.

It is located in the vicinity of the world cultural and natural heritage site Spiš Castle and its surroundings and to the Spiš-Gemer branch of the historic Gothic journey (Spišské Vlachy-Spišské Podhradie – Levoča). It is also a part of the territory of European importance  Travertíny by Spišské Podhradie. It also has a significant importance – Spišská Kapitula is residence of bishopric.

Just this territory recalls a symbolic Jerusalem. Pažica itself and the chapel located there, represent the floor plan of the actual Jerusalem in a map scale 1:1.

With the disposition of objects in the Jerusalem corresponds position of the religion objects in Spiš, which is certainly not a coincidence, but the intention of the creators.

It is the chapel of sv. Saint Rozalia, sv. Francis Xavier, the pilgrimage chapel of sv. The cross on Sivá Brada, who obviously reminds of Golgota and also the Dome of St. Martina.Hrad

One of the sites of Spiš, inspired by the Getsemans gardens, unfortunately already disbanded. It was found only throught archiv survey. It is located in village Jablonov in form of gardens in the pond.

According to archaeology and historians, these places allow believers in times, when because  the war with the Turks, were the pilgrimage to the Holy Land problematic, as closely as possible to survive cross-path.

Similar symbolic country is nowhere in Slovakia (the nearest is a Polish Calvary Zebrzydowska).



Spiš Jerusalem

Spiš Jerusalem

As part of the Terra Incognita, the Košice region in collaboration with the Prešov region will present to the public in 2013, probably the oldest Calvary in Slovakia.
On the Gothic road, on the Pažica at Spisska Kapitula in 2002 discovered the symbolic framework of Calvary, which is likely in the years 1666 to 1675 built the Jesuits, as a copy of the historic Calvary Jerusalem.
The walls, the chapel, the Garden of Gethsemane, Golgotha, planted black pine, reminding cedars, creates symbolic Jerusalem in 1:1.
In May 2013, that region will be open to the world public and presents works by artists of different genres on the Spišská Kapitula.
During the four days in the "Spišský Jerusalem" take place rich spiritual and cultural program with the theme of the Easter Triduum.


The present Spišský Jerusalem is not only a beautiful place worthy of photographing, hiking walking, exploring the protected area, or history, but it is also a place for contemplation and meditation.
Even today's tourist, pilgrim passing, experience the touch of that over pray´s place to feel the genius loci "Spiš Jerusalem."



Spišské Podhradie 3D


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Welcome in European House – Spišská Kapitula. You stand on the threshold of Slovak Vatican. Even the Pope John Paul II. spent a relaxing time on these place. This beautiful setting is predestined for relaxing, organizing several kinds of events and family celebrations.

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